Apr 16, 2014

ikea besta hack in the works: one room challenge, week 3

it is now week three of the one room challenge hosted by linda at calling it home!

as you remember, i managed to barely squeeze the ikea besta storage unit into my office...
see week 1 of the challenge here
see week 2 of the challenge here

i knew that some changes needed to be made in order to keep it in place. i had a few suggestions to wrap some molding around the front to make it look more built-in, but after thinking about it a bit more, i wanted it to float off the floor. this room is already SO small, and i feel that the open space under the storage unit will visually expand the feel of the room...even if it is by just a few inches! PLUS, i have discovered that i can actually sneak in a few shallow items under the unit, which means more storage!

i started looking into some new legs for the piece...ikea didn't have any that i thought would work, and so i ran to lowes just to see if there was ANYTHING that might work. i found these, hoping that the threads of the top screw might fit...

and as luck would have it, the threads of the legs fit EXACTLY into the holes in the besta unit! i was so excited! i thought i was going to have to order legs online or get something made!

 i screwed the legs into place and added some felt pads to the bottom to prevent scratching the hardwood floors.

 i also knew that i wanted to add some hardware...i took a trip to ikea and spotted these metrik pulls...i love that they are really long--about 10", and at $9 for a pack of two, they are a bargain!

i decided to give them a coat of gold paint. i thought that the gold tone would look really pretty with the white storage piece and the dark blue walls.

 i used krylons "18K gold plate" spray paint, and was really happy with the results....

and now, onto to drawers:
i bought some stick on house numbers to apply to the drawers. they come with adhesive already on the back---you just peel of the paper and stick them wherever you want them.

(i bought mine at lowes, but here are some similar ones)
  i spray painted these off white.

and yes, i realize that i bought silver pulls and painted then gold and then bought gold numbers and paired them white...its kinda funny, actually!

i attached the numbers to the drawers, and added the pulls....
(i was so excited to finally have storage that i filled the drawers before i even added the pulls!)

then, i used rub n buff on the legs so that they coordinated with the pulls. i just put on a glove and rubbed it on---i was careful not to get any on the floors!

i also need to add quarter round trim to the bottom of the base boards...we were so exhausted by the time we finished building the house that we never got around to it.

 here is the almost finished piece!

i am still deciding whether i want to add a top or not...the  unit is actually two separate pieces, and i would like it to look a little more "built-in". i think added the top would  help. i am leaning towards as simple painted white mdf top OR something in wood, stained in a medium tone.

getting the unit in here has already tripled my storage! 
of course, having the walls painted and the new piece in there have made me realize that it might be time to refinish my desk.
it was already in rough shape when i bought it, and i think the time has come to give it a little makeover.

i am MADLY in love with this piece, and think i will use it as inspiration:

what else?
my roman shades were made!
i purchased the trim at joann fabrics, and the fabric is a quadrille fiorentina (greige on tint) remnant
that i bought on ebay.

i hung it up, and it looks amazing! it does a great job of controlling the light when this side of the house get blasted by the sun in the morning.
 can you see the sad state of the top of my desk in this picture?
yeah--definitely time for a makeover.

up next week:
*adding shelving to the wall above the storage unit
*adding crown molding? still haven't decided if i want to yet...
 *getting a light for over the desk. i had an ikea one on the design board, but i have looked at some vintage ones on ebay that i also really like. i loved this one, but it went for a little more than i was willing to pay:
i will keep looking...if i don't find one i love, i will just get the ikea one.

also...this chair is getting a makeover!

i dropped it off at the upholstery shop this week.

(also a remnant that i purchased on ebay for a fraction of the retail cost.) 

* i am also in the process of gathering artwork for the gallery wall!

you can see progress of my ideas and selections by following me on instragram! i just did a piece that cost $2, and i think it looks great!

stay tuned!!

Apr 15, 2014

design plan: music/sitting room

last week i posted about a music/sitting room where we used ikea ritva panels. (and i showed you the right and wrong way to hang them!)

i thought i would share the design plan for this room...this client loves florals but wanted this room to feel tailored and transitional. by going with a large scale abstract floral/damask rug, we gave her the feminine feel that she was after, and then kept the other elements of the room simple and clean.

interested in working together on a space in your house?
i will be accepting limited clients for the remainder of may, and then only a few clients during the summer months. 
email me at autumnclemons@yahoo.com to reserve a time for a consultation. 
you can read more about my services here.

Apr 10, 2014

deep blue paint picks

a few deep blues to fall in love with...

have you used any of these blues before? 
any other suggestions?
i would love to hear your thoughts!

Apr 9, 2014

deep blue walls for the mini office: one room challenge

things are progressing nicely with my one room challenge project.
this week, i got the walls painted and put together the ikea storage piece that i bought.

i usually test out 4 to 5 colors when i paint ANY room, but after seeing this sample on the wall, i was SOLD!

the color is benjamin moore's van deusen blue.

it is a deep, rich, moody blue with a hint of coolness, and i am in love.

before i painted, i put together the ikea besta storage piece that i bought for the back wall. 

i knew it was going to be an extremely tight fit and i wanted to see if i needed to make any cuts along the sides or do some sanding in order to squeeze it into place. 

indeed, it was a TIGHT fit!

so tight, in fact, that the piece will need to be raised above the baseboards in order for it to stay.
i placed some items under the legs to get an idea of how much higher i need to raise it.
i will either need to mount the unit directly to the wall, or purchase new legs that are at least 1.5" taller than the existing legs.

anyway, onto the painting!

i just love what a change the color makes in this tiny room...

one final look:

up this next week:

*hang the roman shades that i had made from a quadrille remnant that i scored on ebay
*drop off my office chair to the upholstery shop
*remove the  rust from my office chair (jenny just posted a method that i am going to try!)
*customize the storage unit--i'm going to add some hardware, and make a new top (i THINK.)

see you next week!

Apr 8, 2014

the right (and wrong) way to hang ikea ritva panels

i am about to change your life.
ok, not really.
but seriously, this is good stuff.

i recently worked with an e-design client who needed some help pulling together a music/ sitting room. she opted for the full room design consultation, and emailed me about 5 hours after receiving the design plan to let me know that she had ordered everything on the plan.
yes, everything.
wow! now THAT is commitment. (LOVE it.)

 since we were sticking to a budget, we decided to go with some ikea ritva panels instead of custom made drapes or more expensive similar options from pottery barn. she has been sending me some updates as things have been arriving, and when she has had any questions.
a few days ago, she sent me a picture to show me the trim that she had added to her ikea ritva panels.

i immediately contacted her to let her know that we needed to make some *ahem....adjustments to her drapes. she agreed to take some pictures so that i could share the before and after with you!


most people thread the rod through the pocket that is sewed at the top of the panels, which results in a gathered look, as seen above:
ALSO, the curtains are hanging IN the window, which blocks the light and makes the window look smaller. NO ES BUENO.


i prefer to thread the rod through the loops on the back, which results in a pleated look. (these loops used to be solid fabric, but are now a series of "threads" that form about a 2" wide band.)

SO much prettier!

i also had her extend her rod out a little further from the edge of the window so that the panels hang to the side and don't block as much light.
it looks SO much better, don't you think?
sometimes those little tweaks can be the difference between a "WOW" room and a "MEH." room.

just a reminder:

you are SO welcome!
(*wink, wink!)

Apr 3, 2014

one room challenge link event: my mini office

i have decided to join in on the fun with the one room challenge link event!

linda, from calling it home invites 20 design oriented bloggers to redo one room in their home in 6 weeks. each wednesday they will post about their progress, and on thursdays, she invites anyone to participate!
i don't know about you, but i always love watching everyones rooms come together over the 6 weeks! i love hearing about the thought process behind decisions, and seeing the challenges that everyone overcomes in each of their spaces.

so, what space will i be sharing?

i have been sloooooowly planning out my mini office since we moved in last summer, and i figured this would give me the motivation to finish it in the next six weeks.

here is the room now:
 as you can see, a very blank slate. the vintage desk will be staying, but a LOT of other stuff will be added over the next 6 weeks! you can read a little bit more about this room here and here.

just for reference, this is a small "pocket" office on the main floor of my house, just off the kitchen.
my kids seem to think it is a laundry bin/trash can...yeah. this has become where they dump anything that they don't want to put away in the RIGHT place. the picture above is after i spent an hour cleaning it!

and here is the design plan that i came up with a few weeks ago:

and here is what i hope to accomplish in the next 6 weeks:
*paint walls
*put together and install the new ikea best storage unit
*add roman shade to window
*reupholster vintage office chair
*install new light fixture
*add shelving above  storage unit
*hang gallery wall

i will have an update every week, so come back and check out my progress!